Hello from Michigan!

Theres a very creditable place called PURE ALTITUDE in detroit I send alot of my customers to, I know that there was a store in Monroe called Buds Hydro that was selling seeds but idk if they still do.

There's a few Seed banks in ANN ARBOR that a lot of my customers go to, but idk the names, sorry.

Just search up seed banks near me on google and it should give you some suggestions, you can also check weed maps and some companies will actually deliver seeds or clones!
Also a fan of the Maize and Blue, but I feel like talking shit on MSU on a forum for agriculture is a little... off-target. We're all fans of the green here. 😆

And yes, the Ohio State Mildly Poisonous Tree Nuts are fuckery incarnate.
Seed Celler in Jackson Michigan. Good selection. Not a bad price. I like walking in and walking out with seeds.
Where in Jackson is this seed seller? There used to be one in Lansing, but the city shut them down during the licensing process about a yr ago. (Dispensary/Seed bank.)