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Hello everyone,

I’m Geno from AZ, very happy to have found the forums AND for rec legalization here!! I’m not new to growing but damn sure have a ton to learn. I’m a dirt guy because it’s what I know, but I’m willing to learn.

I did upgrade this time around to start with FF Happy Frog with some Mykos, top fed with a little Nectar of the Gods mixed in the top 2-3 inches when transplanted into 5 gal from 1gal starter pots at about 30 days old.

Current projects: 3 unknown strain photo’s started from seed 3/20 x2 & 3/27, training for height, not enough room for netting so trying to maximize “mains” so doing a little bonsai bending on those.
The other 3 (staying in legal plant limits in AZ) are all autos
NY Diesel 4/8/21
Orange Sherbet 4/11/21
Pineapple Express #2 4/12/21

While my current setup isn’t adequate to maximize yield, if past experience still holds true then I should be good with the final product, fingers crossed & weed gods willing.
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