High terpene strains????

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I'd like to open up a forum discussing some.of the higher terpene level strains that people have dealt with before! I'd like to hear people first hand experience with some of their favourite tasty strains


There are so many. But what seemed to be highest in limonene is a Lemon Thai F3 that an online friend made. Rolled into a joint, it was like smoking grated lemon rinds. The only problem was the potency wasn't stellar. I would guess total THC cannabinoid percentages in the teens.

I plan on crossing a male to as many high potency girls as my mama tent holds, in hopes of boosting potency.

I find that most strains whose terps are dominated by limonene are very energizing and a bit heart racy, which are effects I love.


I've always been a tester and find that testing smells is highly subjective. I'm not even sure there is a way to objectively test them. That said, Skunk got it's name for a good reason. A good skunk can smell so strongly that you open the jar and chase everyone out of the house. Cheese strains can be overpowering too.

Terpenes are highly reactive and oxidize quickly, so I suspect some of the more subtle smells have a very short half-life.

Does a strong smell mean 'more terpenes', 'more reactive terpenes' (think fresher buds) or 'terpenes that more effectively trigger receptors'? I suspect all are at play.
There are some really interesting scientific studies out this year that directly link 'smell' to effectiveness of cannabis used in medicine.
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