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When you choppin' these girls down, bro??
Sorry for late reply bro_One of my kids ' sugar gliders decided to chew part of my keyboard including one of the main password keys so it's been out of action a few weeks! The little bleeder has been after crumbs between the keys. He is a fiend.lol
The girls were taken down 3 weeks ago. Here are a few pics.

A few people asked to see the system so i will post a few pics as i get ready to move new plants into main system from nursery.

I am going again with 4 Dinachem clones (very happy with results) and strains below from seed.

1 Critical Jack ( Freebie. Delicious seeds )
1 Cotton Candy (Freebie. Delicious seeds)
2 Silver Bubble ( Reserva Privada)

I shall carry on with canna aqua vega and flores and pk13 for a booster and house and garden roots accelerator. Had some foam on top of the water when using the roots accelerator but didn't seem to affect plants/roots at all (maybe it's normal).

Many thanks for your advice and to everyone else who has helped make this first step into the world of growing a pleasurable and tasty one.


Big shouts to Mr Asma who helped make it possible.
IMG 0634
IMG 0680
IMG 0705
IMG 0716
IMG 0718
IMG 0704
IMG 0731
IMG 0750
IMG 1020
IMG 1022
IMG 1023
IMG 0762
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