Hollow Branches!! Please Look, Comment!!

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Here are three alien kush F2's grown from seed, next to each other in identical settings. This would be some anecdotal evidence to suggest genetics play a factor.

Left = male
Middle = female- drinks about 20% more than the other female- more branches, higher yields
Right = female - tight nodes, lower yielder than Middle female


i just took down some soul assain and all the main branches had a hollow stem its like a highway for the nutes


It's very nice to rescue some truths of things that could go down as urban myths, most deffo hollow branches mean bigger specimens within the same strain.
I'm not sure if also means better, because there are situations, such very small rooms, where a shorter pheno is preferred. That just happened with my two phenos of Aliendawg f2, a friend chose the non-hollow stem because it adapted much better to a little home made box, then he put the hollow pheno outdoors. I like better the hollow one, but just a question of personal taste, the other gives a nice and strong high too.
Those pics are talking, Ent, hope my AKf2 also show that same trait. A friend is sowing them now, 8 out of 8 opened like boiled clams in 24 hours.
Ps. Hey peeps, respect for number 4!!!


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nice pic's ent

Looks like #4 could fit inside the others, what are you feeding them entbrew?

devious d

devious d

i mostly grow indica hybrids and hadnt noticed hollow stems,grew out s.s haze had to bend due to height probs could have got me little finger in the hollow, broke a couple of heads off trying, the hollow was bigger than the stem, glad this subject came up thought id been sold hemp seeds at first:tongue0011:!!


my sats all have hollow stems, and big buds. them stems could come in handy, for making bongs with?


Very interesting thread indeed! I think many of us know some truths and some myths. What I know from some basic biology studies is that most plants transport nutrients in BOTH directions- from the roots to the leaf canopy, as well as from the canopy back to the roots. This is accomplished in two different cellular membranes within the stalk (trunk). The nutrients that are bound for the leaf canopy are transported in the cellular pathway known as the xylum. The nutrients headed back toward the roots are destined for storage (often as starch in many plants- not necessarily cannabis) and are transported in the cellular structure known as the floem. Neither of these transport paths are the hollow of the stem being discussed in this thread. I do not know definitively, but I believe that the hollow is a genetic adaptation that aids in the strength of the plant, which would be present in some genetics, but not necessarily in all.
In any case, my interest has been peaked- guess I'm going to have to do some more homework!


So a quick search gave this explanation- more or less what I remember:
Internal Features
Apical meristem – tissues at the tip of a stem capable of cell division, gives rise to
stem elongation.
Epidermis – outer layer of wax-coated cells that provides protection and covering
Cortex – primary tissues of a stem externally bound by the epidermis and
internally by the phloem.
Vascular bundle
Xylem tissues – distribute water and
minerals from the roots up
through the plant. Xylem
provides the structural
support in plants, becoming
the “woody ” tissue.
Cambium tissues are the singlecelled
layer of meristematic
(dividing) tissues that continually divides to form phloem tissues
toward the outside and xylem tissues toward the inside. Cell
division of the cambium tissues adds width to the stem.
Phloem tissues – distribute sugars (products of photosynthesis) throughout
the plant. It is important to understand what happens when the
phloem is blocked, as when a tree is girdled with a tie or rope.
The stem often enlarges just above the blockage due to the sugars
moving down from the leaves for distribution throughout the plant.
Tissues below the blockage slowly starve. Roots die back,
eventually leading to death of the plant.
Pith – center of dicot plant stems. In some plants the pith breaks down forming a
hollow stem. In older woody plants, the pith is filled with rigid xylem
wood fiber.
Monocot or Dicot
Monocot and dicot stems differ in
the arrangement of their vascular
system. In monocot stems, the
xylem and phloem are paired in
bundles, with bundles dispersed
throughout the stem.
In herbaceous dicot stems, the
vascular system makes a ring, with
the phloem to the exterior and
xylem to the interior.
In woody dicot plants, the rings grow to make a complete ring around the stem.
Xylem growth makes the “annual rings” used to tell a tree’s age.

found at: http://www.cmg.colostate.edu/gardennotes/133.pdf


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Interesting read. Found this thread because both my C99 girls, a branchy high yielder and a short stocky pheno had hollow stems. Snapped a pic from my cut down, some stems in the bag were from an earlier trim and still hollow after drying. Also someone mentioned wind causing hollow stems to fill with cellulose. I can attest this was not the case with my plants, they grew with enough fan to cause leaf tears on a few fans.

It was also mentioned that hollow branches may indicate more resin production. I can only weigh in that my C99 girls made bud with more resin then any other I've seen in real life. I'm not a club hopper thats sampled dozens of strains but I've had my share. :evilgrin0040:


I was using GH for 2 runs same strains. Did not use the grow at all the first run.I had very solid stems. Second run used the grow. The very hollow. I think this was caused by more N in the second run but I might be wrong. Just a observation.


That was an interesting read.I find hollowed stems in all of my grows,even bagseed from back in the day. I never knew that it made a difference. I only started to pay attention more recently to this subject due to the fact that ive topped my plants and always find a hollowed inside of the branch.Now i will top males that i come across to see if there is a difference.


the reason you are having a heavy yield is because of the hollow branches o.k. here it goes the water and nutrients are carried up the stem from the medium the more hollow they are the more food and water gets to the tips of plants also outdoor plants seem to not be as hollow as indoor that could also be why indoor plants are more thc laden and also you will notice that the more air movement in a grow room the less hollow the stems and thats do to plant cellulose strengthening the stem so it can hold the weight of the buds it is producing

man your brilliant i love your posts i wish they didnt ban you you seem to be spot on hammer nailed the nail masses 420king where ever you are your the shit lol muhahahahahaha:harvest::bongsmi:


yeah got that same thing with my big gal

yeh \i was worried when i noticed this on a plant that I had heavily pinched as it was a very sativa pheno and was continually growing too high too fast, so after the stem became a motor way and the thing is near 1.6 meters from top of soil and has holes in the smallest of its branches, really looking forward to smoken her now! great info was gettin worryed that sugars werent flowing thru em all add up now great post!

Keep on smoken!=)
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