How do you dry bubble hash?

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Dont press em too much after drying with bottle with hot water otherwise they ll end up very hard. Just enough pressed to complete in your hands. Also dont use too hot water...
Made that mistake last time.


Im just starting out informing myself about hash making and drying so correct me if I’m wrong.
But shouldn’t it be possible to take a box of dry ice and put your frozen grated hash on top of parchment in a pizza box onto the ice myb. A metal plate between for extra cold transfer. put that in the freezer and put some holes in the top of the box. Shouldn’t that pull out all the moisture out of soy hash. ( myb put some of these hold stuff des bags into your freezer )
@GNick55 can terps become too cold ? Bc the dry ice is like -70 C or can they handle it
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