How do you store your bubble hash?

It's so insanely sticky. I always press mine using parchment papers. I have a few of the no stick balls. They work great but they don't hold much, expensive and it's tough to store different batches together. They end up sticking together. I was thinking of some metal tins. Put all the same screens sizes together. Maybe put down some parchment paper on the bottom and store each batch with a separate wrapping.
Any thoughts?
I was thinking about storing it in the fridge as well?
How long is bubble good for?


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Never tried this with the hash, any effect on taste? Do you smoke it right out of the freezer or do you let it get to room temp first? I'd imagine freezing it stops or slows the thc conversion.
As long as there’s no ice crystals formed around the hash smoke it rite out the freezer.
Freezing completely suspend all degradation.
I freeze all my trim to. Got some in here that’s 4 maybe 5 years old.
I wrap up 7 gram slabs in tightly wrapped celophane and seal it up with scotch tape, then store them in a cool spot downstairs for several months to let it age. Once it's how I want it after 3-6 months I keep a quarter out for smoking and vacuum seal the rest of the celophane packages and store it in the freezer. Then just pull out a quarter as needed...