How Long Can I Save Mixed Nutes?

Not sure what the experienced crowd would have to say about it, but I personally do it. If it's a matter of mere hours, or even overnight in a sealed container, there shouldn't be a whole lot happening, chemically, to your solution in that amount of time. If we're talking days on end of being stored in an open container, pH swing and opportunity for general contamination would come into play.
Hi all,new to this whole growing thing.
1 quick question, can i mix my nutes and use half in the morning and the other half when i get home in the evening?
i'm growing in a 1.6 gallon pot so just looking ahead to 2 feedings a day.
Great question, even though I've done it from time to time for years without any noticeable issues, I've wondered the same.
It might be worth re-checking the ph . It may be specific to a particular additive but I have seen ph shifts after sitting overnight.
When I mix nutes for my top off the ph will rise after setting for a while with air stone. For a mix your gonna use in 24hr I wouldn’t think it would swing to much. Id double check ph once though to see what’s up. Wouldn’t leave it setting in hot climate either.


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All depends on the Nutes and what is in it. Non organic chem ferts will usually stay mixed with no problems (as long as they are the right chems). Ive gone 2 weeks with pretty much no PH swing. Organic additives/Teas you will have the problem of stuff falling out of suspension. Usually 24hr is good for anything no matter what. From there it all depends on what it is.