How to make the most of this tent space?

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Hello my dears, I would appreciate the thoughts of you more experienced growers as far as optimising the space in my tent.

I have a tiny 40x40x120 centimetres space in which I have now managed to not destroy two plants, one in a 2 gall and now one in a 1 gallon that I am about to chop. I trained them both although very clumsily.

Looking at my space here, how big a pot could I use? Any other factors to consider? I’m reading about mainlining and am thinking about it for my next girl but I’m just not confident topping. I have a GP seedling about to get this tent all to herself.

I appreciate all advice.

How to make the most of this tent space
How to make the most of this tent space 2
How to make the most of this tent space 3


You’re set-up looks pretty efficient to me with the space given. The plant looks great too. I think you’re definitely in the right direction; now it’s just dialing it in.

I know you’re working with limited headspace, in the picture you’ve given as an example. It looks like you have the plant propped/raised up pretty high. I think you definitely could have taken advantage of a longer veg time and a taller plant.

It looks like you low stressed trained and topped (I think). I would continue to LST and top even more.


Hey, so there are many ways to skin a cat but one thing that is always important for good growth is to keep the plant happy and not overfertilize it. This could be achieved by e.g. a large pot filled with good organic earth and then you just give the right water at an appropriate time and let it ride out.

Maximum yield certainly requires some training.
Topping early is very good to get more even colas. Spreading these out with LSD later to get a more flat and bushy growth.
Mainlining is somewhat equal just more crude in stripping off sideshoots.

What also works is scrogging into a wire mesh and filling up all the area of your 2*2.


No matter what size your grow space, either veg longer to get more coverage, or add more plants. In your case, a second plant would be enough. You'd be done with vegging quicker and, assuming you plant two varieties, you'd be able to sample more than one strain in a grow.


looking good next round i would try maybe little bit longer veg time with FIM or topping and scrog to max whole space. Or 2 plants with fim/top and scrog if you want little bit faster veg. 🙂
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