Wanted How to wash insecticide off

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This is a big misuse with insecticide. Can anyone help me to wash off all residues on the plants? They are in week 2 of flowering. My relative accidentally sprayed the one that suppose not to be spraying (attached photo). Now, plants leaves and trunks turned to yellow. Is there anyway that can wash off it? I appreciate any inputs. Thank you
How to wash insecticide off
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I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this, but you need to get rid of your plants. That's a systemic pesticide and it cannot be washed off your plants. It works by taking in the pesticide by the roots and spreads the poison throughout the plant parts. The pesticide is IN, not ON, the plants.

Never use a systemic or any pesticide made for non-food plants on cannabis. Don't smoke that shit or give it to anyone else to ingest.

Don't compost those plants or toss them anywhere that you intend to grow a veg garden outside. Get them away from anywhere you grow plants for food or medicine.
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