Huge Strain Lineage List

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Texas Kid

Texas Kid

Some guy with a light
US Clone Only Strains

35 Day
84' University of Washington Hashplant
85' Oregon 4-way
Aeric 77 Cali-O
Airborn G-13
Albert Walker
Aloha 98 WW
Arcata Trainwreck
Arcata Wreck
Banana / Bonanno / Bwananna
BC Hash Plant
Big Blue Dump Truck
Big Sur Holyweed
Blue Mountain Jamacian
Blue Dot (old)
Blue Dot (new)
Blue Velvet
Blueberry Sativa
BR - 13
Bubba Kush
Bubba Kush pre-2001
Bubba Kush mint
Bubble Gum
Cafe Girl
Cali-O Sativa
Chem. (same as dawg)
Cherry Bomb
Cherry Slyder
Coral Reef
Chocolate Thai
Chocolate trip
Cotton Candy Kush
Cough #1
Cough #2
Crazy Train
Cuddlefish Hash Plant
Cush, (same as green crack)
Dabney Blue
Dank Ass Bitch
Dawg (same as chem.)
DHK’s Black Domina
Diesel, Original
Durban Thai Highflier
Emerald Triangle
Ginger Ale
Golden Goat
Golden haze
Grandaddy Purple
Grape Ape
Green Crack, (same as Cush)
Grimm White Widow
Hash Plant #1
Hawian Webbed Indica
Herijuana (same as Hero)
Hero (same as Herijuana)
High Octane
Humbolt snow
Jack's cleaner
Killer Queen
King Kush
Krystal Spike
Lemon Bomb
Lemon G
Mass. Super Skunk
Matanuska Thunderfuck
Mother Ship
MSM’s Mr. Nice
Norcal Cript
OG Kush
Old Blue
Orange Friesland
Oregon Funk
Oregon Purple Thai
Pacific G-13
Pineapple Thai
Pine Bud
Pink Kush
Pure Kush
Purple Indica
Purple Kush
Purple Urkle/urple
Romulan Joe indica
Romulan Joe sativa
Skunk #2
Socal Bubbleberry
Socal G-13
SoQuick's AK99
Sour Diesel
Sour Kush
Spirit of 76
Stella Blue
Strawberry Cough
Strawberry Fields
Super Funk
Sweet Skunk
The Purps aka Mendocino Purple
Trainwreck, E-32
Trainwreck, nor cali pine
Vision Thai
West Coast Nice
Wheel Chair
William's Wonder


Um not knocking but C4 from chimera is actually cotton candy x shiskaberry red line.
It says on a few of his adds that its the same mothers of the frostbite but the mothers of frostbite are cotton candy.

Also it says cotton candy from federation is afghani x blueberry. Well i dont know if thats true but i heard a breeder (not sure who) say it was afgani x (afghani x haze.)
Im not 100% on how much haze or afghani but im sure its not blueberry.


Hi All

well when I read a thread like this it is definitely interesting but I cannot help thinking that most of these are only names with roughly known genetic backgrounds.

I mean how can you call something new when you take some old genetics and make a hybrid without stabilizing them? It is just a name you sell, in the end, a bit like a lucky dip? But nevertheless good to see a thread that covers every name ever...and a few.All the best Sb

This is what you come to when you are unable to get a pure line. You try to take something else and make it better dare I say. I would rather have the pure lines so that I could pick what I thought was best for me.


Great post! I've been waiting for a large list of genetic information. This will be of the utmost use in breeding projects.



This is awesome.
I will let those with more knowledge on the matter debate the final results and stabilization of all the strains but for all of you, Logic, D-P and Texas Kid who put together these huge lists:



Thanks for the resource everyone. I know i'll be on the learning side of this thread. LOL


Sour Diesel

I too have a question about the SD.

you have.
Sour Diesel (Reservoir) Mexican Sativa X Chemo
Sour Diesel (??) ?DNL X Daywrecker?
Sour Diesal = Mass.Super Skunk x Chem {dawg}
Sour Diesel = [(SensiNL X MassSuperSkunk) X Dawg/Chem] X DNL

from the resorce i got from where i got my clones they had

90% Mexican Sativa X 10% Afgani.

Jason King has SD being Chemdog female x MassSuperSkunk herm pollen if im not too _________ to remember the story correctly. LOL.

I believe he said Chemdog's name was changed to diesel when it moved east after a killer concert :party0023:

Could all of them be viable strains all under the same name?

Mother Chucker

Wow, thank you!

I'm new here and I just have to say thank you to everyone who put this massive resource list together.

It was like a walk down Memory Lane that list, if I could remember any of it.

all thumbs

Great job on your research. However I'm putting it out there: Is their an updated list available?


strain list

This list has so many huuuuugggeeee mistakes Im not even going to try. its all wrong


Some additions I made to the list from online research of genetic lineage. Its still in the works and not in alphabetical order:

-DoubleDawg-Chemdog D x (Chemdog '91 x Afghani[SensiSeeds])
-Double Underdawg is 91 Chem Dawg x [UnderDawg X Underdawg-SS - Afghani#1]
-Chem Haze Diesel (rez) is ChemHaze [Chemdog D x '93 Sensi's NL#5/Haze] x Sour Diesel IBL
-Tresdawg is Double Dawg [Chem Dawg D X Afghani#1 BX] x Chem Dawg D
-Giesel is ChemDxSuperskunk(Mass?)
-rainbow Kush(kyle kushman) hawaiian sativaX -kkpurplekush (aka HPK)
-jackie-o is aeric77's calio combined with jack candy, jack candy is a selection from jack flash
-Blowfish (katsu)-Dutch Flowers (G13 / Blue Dot / -Oregon Funk) F1
-Superdawg is 91ChemxSuperskunk(Mass?)
-Blackberry Widow F2 by Jojorizo. (blackberry x white widow?)
-Afgooey- Afghan X Mauii Haze (or Afghan x BlueBerry for Norcal version)
-Blue Heaven( DJ Short). Chocolate Thai, Highland Oaxaca Gold and Afghani Indica.
-"Cheese"-'Sport' (unique) pheno from 1988 Sensi Skunk#1
-Chemo-University of BC Cancer Research Center clone, varying stories on how it got out.
-Cherry Slyder-Skitty's keeper Cherry pheno from Sagmartha's Slyder.
-Green Crack-SSSC Skunk #1 x Local Sweet Leaf Afghani
-Dank Ass Bitch-AxB by Hybe (A=Old oregon purple hybrid X B=Emerald Triangle Funk)
-Diesel, Original aka Headband aka Daywrecker-Chem/Dawg x (Mass Super Skunk x Sensi NL) *note - latest "headband" cut appears to be different than the OD.
-Grandaddy Purple aka GDP-Purple Urkle x Salmon Creek Big Bud
-Jack's Cleaner-(Subcool) Cleaner' (Pluton/Lambsbread/Purple Haze/Nothern Lights) x Jack Herer male. 100+/- grown out, best selected = JC *
-Lemonaid-Suspected 1976 Afghani.
-Schrom-Romulan x Columbian Gold
-Soquick's AK99-AK47 x Cinderella 99
-Sour Kush-(unk)OG Kush x NYCD
-StrawBerry Cough (Kyle Kushman)-Strawberry Fields x Haze
-Krush-Afghan Sativa brought back to BC '70-'80
-Shoreline-Texas Skunk clone, used alot for commercial, true lineage unknown.
-Bubba Kush pre2001 (see also "katsu" see also "Green")-Much conjecture, little fact. From much investigation katsu, green and pre2k1 are the same thing, undisputed best example
-Ole 47 - (Black Label) 70s ind/sat hybrid)
-Sassy Frass- Chimera-SAS; Superior Afghani Skunk (not to be confused with super skunk)
-Sweetest Sativa (Joint Chimera/DJ Short Project)
-Mental Floss- Chimera- Schnazzleberry #2- Chimera-From the same mother as the original super-stoney Schnazzleberry)
-Island Sweet Skunk (ISS)-Federation Seeds-he Island Sweet Skunk (ISS) has been grown on Vancouver Island in BC for many years as a stabelized Sativa-Skunk cross-)
-Fast Manitoba x Manitoba Poison- GREAT WHITE -NORTH-Fast Manitoba was developed from Sensi's Early Girl strain. Crossed with Manitoba Poison-)
-Manitoba Poison- Great White North-african origins turns purple)
-G33 bx2- Head Seeds-G33 was the designation of my favorite plant From the G13 x NYCD cross I ran. The plant was pollenated by the same male) G13bx x G13bx that was used for my G13bx f2 generation. The seeds were grown out males were Selected and backcrossed to the G33 mum. The males from this generation fathered these G33bx2 seeds)
-Fourplay-Head Seeds-[Cinderella99 x Apollo11 from Joey Weed] x [NYCD x G13]
-G13-Diesel-Head Seeds-[SD's G13 x G13 bx line] X [Rezdog's SourDieselv3]
-Cin-Diesel- Head Seeds-[C99xA11 mother grown from joeyweed] X [Reservoir Seed's


Landraces Details (The regions of origin for pure cannabis plants which have been used for hybridization):

Marijuana, Cannabis sativa L., is an annual plant that was thought in the past being a member of the great family of the Urticaceae. Hemp grows from the Equator to the Sub-Arctic areas of the world: marijuana is indeed a wild grass "domesticated" by man for his various needs. All modern marijuana hybrids derive from seeds coming from the following regions of Origin (landraces list follows):

a) Brazil (Sativa) (0° to 30° south latitude). Strain: Brazilian Lemons (Sativa), the local "Maconha" also called "diamba" in Yoruba, the African-Brazilian language spoken by Candomblè communities in Recife. In Brazil it's also widespread a Paraguayan weed type named "Faso".
b) Colombia (Sativa) (Equator). Strains: Punta Roja (Purple tops), Cali Hills, Choco, Lowland, Santa Marta Gold and Panama Gold (Sativa).
c) Congo (Sativa) (Equator). Strain: Local marijuana (Sativa)
d) Afghanistan and Pakistan (Indica) (30° to 37° North latitude). Strains: all deriving names from regions of Origin: Hash plants Mazar-i-Sharif, Kandahaar, Citral and Hindu Kush are types of cannabis Indica-Afganica grown for hashish production.
e) Southern India (Sativa) (10° to 20° latitude North). Tropical. Strain: Ganja from Kerala, Madras and Mysore (Sativa).
f) Jamaica (Sativa) (18° North latitude). Tropical. Strain: local hybrids of Caribbean, Colombian and Mexican strains imported into the island (Sativa).
g) Kenya (Sativa) (Equator). Strain: Marijuana from Kisumu (Sativa).
h) Lebanon (Indica) (34° North latitude). Temperate. Strain: Hash plant (Indica) related to Hindu Kush strain.
i) Malawi (Sativa) (Equator). Strain: potent Marijuana local (Sativa).
j) Mexico (Sativa) (15° to 27° North latitude). Subtropical. Strain: Chapanera, Guerrera, Nayarit, Michoacan, Oaxaca, Acapulco Gold e Yucatan Gold (Sativa).
k) Rif Mountains valleys, Morocco (35° North latitude). Temperate. Strain: Hash plant related to Hindu Kush and Lebanon (Indica).
l) Nepal (Indica) (26° to 30° North latitude). Subtropical. Strain: typical indigenous hash plant (Indica).
m) Russia (Ruderalis) (35° to 60° latitude North). Temperate and Arctic. Strain: Cannabis spontanica, Strain: Ruderalis.
n) South Africa (Sativa) (22° to 35° south latitude). Temperate. Strain: Dagga, local spontanica (Sativa).
o) Southeast Asia (Sativa) (10° to 20° North latitude). Subtropical. Strain: Cambodian, Laotian, Thai and Vietnamese (Sativa).
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