I Like Big Buds and I Cannot Lie! Indoor growers: Let's see your biggest buds.

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dire wolf

dire wolf

Here is an enthusiastic donkey

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Hey MIM , I just read your comment about air pruning on the other thread " what's wrong with my plant "
I didn't want to comment over there because I'm too lazy for an actual debate , but I'm with you 100% , wtf is this " air pruning " concept .....
I think I only heard about it this year since I don't really care for fabric pots , maybe if I could afford even more expense and mess I would try em ....but " air pruning " ? Someone made that shit up ...
It looks more to me like root frustration / death , then even if it is being pruned , then what ...the new growth hits the wall and gets pruned , then on and on ....till when ? When the plant is root bound ? Sounds weird to me
And are other growers actually " pruning roots " in a normal veg / flower cycle ?
I mean up pot , sure but prune , nah
Maybe if they are growing fig trees
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