Inside the Rasta tent 🏕

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Just a peek at what’s going on atm.
Flowering ;
greenhouse seeds lost pearl.
sensi seeds black domaina.
serious seeds bubblegum & motavaton.
Seedsman runtz stoned cowboy ( not for sale tester seeds )

In the overcrowded veg tent albeit some will be moving soon are ;
Sensi seeds black domaina & honey dew melon kush.
Serious seeds bubblegum.
Prymid seeds American pie
Silent seeds Critical mango
Barneys farm biscotti mints
Lastly two more of seedsman runtz stoned cowboy tester seeds.
I doubt seedsman will run the runtz stoned cowboys as they are they have issues that need resolved.

I’ve a 7f x 3.5 f flowering room so am not to short on space

The yellow you see is where I feed them seaweed and accidentally gave one two helpings I’m not fussed it will grow out fine no problem.

There’s also two autos I didn’t bother photoing runtz xl & Critical 2.0

Well that’s it for today fed them watered them see them a few days. I tend not to fuss over them nowadays and just let them get on with it 🙂

Huh looks like you can’t see the yellow from the seaweed in the veg room. I don’t use seaweed in flower the tiny bit of tip burn one one of the flowering ones was ages ago from veg time

The black domaina in veg I might/was going to reverse still time left to figure if I will or not.
Inside the rasta tent
Inside the rasta tent 2
Inside the rasta tent 3
Inside the rasta tent 4
Inside the rasta tent 5
Inside the rasta tent 6
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Looking great! Autos have been catching my eye recently, I'll be watching see how those turn out for you.


Looking great! Autos have been catching my eye recently, I'll be watching see how those turn out for you.

Thanks bud 👍

The two autos are just about finished bud they were very quick haven’t grown any in 20 years they have definitely changed for the better.

Next run I’ve some others I want to try however there always going to be back of the veg tent and not my main focus as just seem able to get a lot lot more with fems that might be down to needing more practice with autos to get a better yeild.

What’s left are all fems maybe the runtz stoned cowboys I’m not sure about atm as they seem to be flowering in veg so I dunno what’s going on there as they are supposed to be fems

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