Intro & Question on GHE BLOOM

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hello all

I have a query I cant seem to find the answer to anywhere so here I am

GHE nutrient line has the 3 part that contains the BLOOM, they then also have the Ripen

my question is , has anyone ever tried using the bloom(GHE specifically) on its own , Im sitting with left over nutrient from a run i did with GHE and im considering trying to use the Bloom on its own as a sort of end of cycle push like Ripen so to speak

also would it be possible to maybe use my Calcium nitrate along side GHE bloom as a more balanced approach maybe or should i just avoid that nitrogen content overall?

im really just trying to find a use for this bloom without buying more of the GHE range and I had to post an intro so here we are :) little pic of the outdoor I wanna try this with

Intro  question on ghe bloom
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Most of those fertilizer “programs” crated by manufacturers are set up to lock you in and sell useless expensive products. There is nothing in those products you can’t make for pennies.

Yes, use what you have. If you’re heading out of veg moving into into flowering I wouldn’t use the CaNO3. It needs phosphorus not nitrogen.
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