Is "the clone bank" place legit please ?

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I ordered from there a couple months ago. I ordered rooted cuts of Gushers, GG4, and TK. I got TK, GG4 and Orange Peel, since I guess Gushers took too long to root. The next week, I got rooted cuts of Gushers, Zkittlez, and Tropical Runtz. So, the OP, Z, and Runtz were freebies.

Growing them out now, except for the Trop Runtz. I'm seeing some weird 3 leaf fans on the up-potted clones of the GG4, TK and Gushers. Will report back after I flip and update. No signs of any other bugs, etc so far. I just registered to leave this comment since I haven't seen theclonebank mentioned anywhere else yet as far as ratings go.
How did they turn out??? Bought from mg1brands, and sent mold infected clones that developed stem cankers in 4 days. He had stripped off three set of lower leaves, since they died. Obvious sign of fusarium or pythium killing from root zone up.
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