Is this done?

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3 more weeks

and still not done yet.
It's getting cold at night too.
Why is the other strain's leaves turning dark?
Oh yea,thanks Bozo for the reply.

the man with no

patience - don`t jump too early , your only regret it - they look good , but i would go one more week.... are the fan leaves yellow? most of the leaves should be dead when she`s ready if you know what i mean... and the main donkey dicks should be the prominent feature of the plant...

then u got 2 weeks drying , then about 2 weeks curing.... again worth the trouble - id rather have one spliff in a day and be totally wrecked , than keep chasing that illusive high with several spliffs just because of in patience if you know what i mean?...... A good example is - goto amsterdam, have joint in a coffee shop - thats the effect you want! :joint:

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