Is this Leaf Septoria or what?

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I’ve experienced this same issue for the second year in a row. I read about leaf septoria last year and thought that’s what caused it. Tried taking precautions this grow by disinfecting grow area (outdoor deck) but it came back again. They look like they are mainly the fan leaves affected. New growth looks good and some growth in same stem of affected leaves still looks good. Affecting middle to lower leaves. I’m suspecting leaf septoria based on investigating but thought I’d seek opinions from more experienced growers.

Seed grow. Organic soil with Dr. Earths, 6-4-4 , blood meal and bone meal
3 months old
3 ‘- 4’tall
Transplanted into 7 gallon container from 3 gallon two weeks ago
Water routinely ph 6.0, once finger depth top soil dries out
Foliar spray once a week for insects with homemade veg or neem oil/Castile soap/water
Soil ph still only around 7, RO around 5.8-6.2.
Have noticed little white bugs flying off of plants when I shake them from time to time. White looking powder is diatomaceous earth residue.
Temp and humidity are high this time of year for outdoor grows.

See pics. Any insight would be welcomed.
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