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Grow Log 06/17/19

Finally got the clones dialed. 2nd attempt. Will fill the cloner with cuttings again on the next run in about a week.

The mini-hoophouse is flowering.

Yanked the last male. This one got past me for a few days with tops that looked almost female.

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Beautiful looking garden this year friend! Great idea on the mini hoop house too, I might have to steal that design 😅 Been a while since I've been on the forums, whole bunch of new emojis and shit, glad to see you're still at it growing that dank tho! Hope you're doing well!

Thanks brother. Learnin somethin new every year. Steal away, that's why I posted it. I did remove the opaque cover. Wasn't quite transparent enough.


What’s happening Junk. Hope all is well.
Your seasons off to a great start!


Really interested in seeing how the little hoop house works out. Next run I'll try to set it up the way I planned with the transparent sheet. I need the structural integrity it gives so I'll can run a couple ratchet straps then attach a pvc spindle & crank system for the blackout tarp.

The next generation begins. They were for a Solo cup competition buy the heat was drying out their roots do I threw in the towel and repurposed them as breeders (hopefully they're fems).


Ive been out of the loop a while mate, your seasons looking like its gonna be a good one, im loving the hoop house!

Thanks and good to see ya. (...and good to see you back @Ceveres )

Another grow I'm working on has really pushed me to expand my skills. It's become a necessity that I learn how to clone and dial in my understanding of dep grows. It's temporarily turned my focus and resources away from indoor endeavors but a lot of what I'm learning will carry back over.
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