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chuck the highker

Hey Reef,
Are you gonna continue to perpetuate this one?
P.S. If you stated it elswhere, forgive my impatience.


Yes its one of my first been in the collection since 1996 ! it will be back shining in all her glorious history !


hep c meddy

if i remember kodiak gold was a good meddy for
hep c, and fibromyalgia.
another one added to my list.

apple pie, bc gold, lp2, willie.

jeez reef any odins hammer, loved that write up.



mantanuska t-f vs kodiak gold


if my vague memory is correct,
mtf & kg share many of the same genetics.
(and PLEASE correct me if i am wrong)

i had posted on the kg thread and then
i have aqquired 20 beaners of (f20???!!!)
of mantanuska thunder fuck.
the person that gifted these advised they
have been in the hudson valley for 20 years.
and back bred all that time.
and not crossed.

the pheno is gold, green, blues, some lavender,
no purps.

the potency is excellent, and the look,
smell, taste, and high all indicate sativa

the yield is huge, qp to lb range.

i am excited supreme hp, and now mtf.

where de fook is me chainsaw!!!!!


My KG Experiences

I'll be commenting as to my experience over the last couple years with Kodiak Gold. I'll reflect on all my encounters with the various packs of RMS KG originals + some i grew made from your seeds by a previous RMS member..

Alrighty then, i first bought 2pks of KG from SB in 07', 21 of 24 stuck their tales out but seemed to weak to break on through the shells,, lost all of em ! If it wasn't for several other seed strains that did germ/grow at that same time and same Promix medium i'd considered there to be a prob.

Had a 10pk of KG a previous RMS member made from the originals, he used a purple pheno male as the daddy... had 6 germ, all turned out to be female and deep purple but unfortunately 4 of 6 hermied seeding some of my elite cuts. I figured he must of had a sack or two he didn't catch that musta also thru pollen or sumtin being they all were female, purple and mostly herms.

Moving onto another grower i wont repeat his handle but he also done a report years ago on KG @ IC,, later we became buds,, he sent me his last 5 orig seeds (also from same era SBay stock as my 2pks) cause like he said they hermed on him ruining a whole crop of sinsemilia back in 06-07'.. I had 3 germ for me, i got 2 beautiful males & a nice female that never hermed so i made me acouple hundred kg beans for the future + a few dozen mvtf x kg...

She was ran along side a MVTF cut from up north, of course different ages in the pic, not to mention the crappy quality of the pic just whites out the KG on the right. Also is a pic of some lower buds of the KG, strange but she had green & redish-lavender buds on some of the same stems. Hopefully the MVTF x KG cross seeds will be more potent than the pure KG, for the MVTF blows it away in all departments (smell, taste, potency, yield ect.. !!

I have a feeling that KG is a strain thats potency probably improves alot outdoors..

MVTF @ 30 days on left and KG @ 44 days at right & bottom :rauch08:


what beauties!!!

boy, mvtf, and kg, look a bit different in
the pics.


both look amazing though.

cant wait!


Nice Reef cant wait till u get that back in stock i didn't have cash latley been expanding and whatnot so funds have been low. Now I'm making a setup like Doubled's for im totally legit and i love trees. I got some Kodiak Gold x Salmon Creek Big Bud that i planted for outdoors here in Seattle, Wa in the states. This is my first outdoor run so im hoping they do good..


Yes its one of my first been in the collection since 1996 ! it will be back shining in all her glorious history !

I have been waiting friggin years to get this. It is my favorite of what you offer.

I did not catch it but when is it coming in the future?



kodiak gold looks and sounds dank!would def spend the money on those genetics:cool0041:


Had to dig these pics up from another forum. The purple pheno was the best. I used that purple male for many a breeding project and was never disappointed in the results. I will add that it is best to harvest between weeks 7 and 8. DO NOT let it go longer than that. Also I highly recommend a good 30 day cure before smoking.


had the all lavender pheno KGxBB few years back lost that mother still havent recovered from that one!!! been waiting for the KG and Blue Thunder ever since. out of 2 packs of BT almost all the the females purpled and one was completely pure lavender/purple.

Josey Wales

Reef, or anyone else with KG experience, what is the average outdoor finishing time for these? I'm hoping they will finish by about the 3rd week september. Am I in the ballpark?


kodiak gold rulez !

Its really great plant I have had since the 80's when I collected it was the first time I had ever seen darkening and 1 of the first real grows I had ever seen on kodiak island alaska .
Its a great outdoor strain the lavender pheno is a top quality purple the best I have ever grown or smoked .

The charles Kush has purples in it from the Kodiak gold lavender male used to create the IBL .

Hello refferman, Its been a few years since i last grew any of your shit, I did put up a few pic's on icmag back in 2005 -06 of a Afghan - lavender kodiak gold i made using the lavender pheno male of course,
and let me say this it was by far the best shit myself and quite a few old timers have ever had the pleasure of smoking, alas my mother plant of this died and that was that 2 years ago,

however now that your back in the breeding game i do hope we see more of the k/Gold to come, in my opinion my search to find the best shit in the world is over, its the shit thats the mother fucking shit of all shit there is or ever will be for that matter, things just havent felt the same with out.



Hi b'bart, yes its heavy hitting shit alright and is why other breeders such as tony from sagamartha seeds used his own mantanuska tundra over some of his own strains i bet,

however the kodiak gold is much much faster to flower and produces some nice looking colors as well as being a good all rounder,good yield, good tasting,fantastic bag appeal and of course heavy heavy hitting, now im starting to drool abit"


Sounds good ! I was just gifted some KG beans recently . The plan is to grow them outdoors for this summer. Can you give me some specifics on her like grow time ?? is she a tall plant ?? I'm just looking for some general info .


B/bart you have some very special seeds gifted to you yes, lucky you alright !

The kodiak gold flowers indoors at - 7-8 weeks, im pretty sure some of the female phenos turn pink at there tops in seven weeks, meaning there ready to pick,

The cross i made did the same thing, pink tops at seven weeks, leaving it for one more week didnt make any change except for the pink hairs dieing off to a dark redish colour,

Im sure refferman can fill you in on how they go outdoors when he gets time, if it were me id grow em inside first and take many cuttings, taking at'least 6 clones per female plant will give you a wider range of pheno types, then its just a matter of deciding which ones you want and like best, going by photos ive seen online over the years these clones do pretty well outdoors, and its a pure strain least we forget,

Other info i recall was to tip these plants around the 5th-6th internode as it gets abit stretchy after that, and this is very very hard to try and breed out even in cross's ive made, infact i doubt it can be breed out,

hope this helps matey, atleast untill the reffer
gets back to ya.
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