Late Starter On My Limelato

Bit of a late diary but I've decided to do a diary.

Today is the 28th day of flower.

Growing in plagron coco
40 litre smart pots
12 plants under 8 600w HPS
Using plagron A+B and started the plagron green sensation today.
EC @ 1.4
Feeding 8 litres every day and I'm using the rhizzo drain only system. 25-30% run off.

I'm in the uk and we have had some extreme heat over here. Plants were using so much water but I didn't back off on the nutes and they ended up getting locked out. I flushed with 15 litres of water every day for 6 days and pulled the ppm down to 700, hence why some leaves look clawed still.

Bud development is going well for day 28 considering I had a lockout. I will post an update pic every day to show the progress.
The first pic is the plants ten days ago. They have put on a fair whack in 10 days! Really looking forward to this Harvest.

Second pic is a few weeks before flip. Nice even canopy :)

3rd pic is was taken 9 days before flip. I supercropped pretty much every main branch as they were very close together. It worked well imo.

I'm heading up their tonight so I'll get another pic of the ladies.
Day 31 of flower. Really happy with the growth. Some of the branches are already dropping bad so I've had to get the yoyo's out. Only running 700 ppm-EC 1.2 and that seems to be their sweet spot at the moment. 1ml of A per litre and 1ml of B per litre with 1ml per litre of green sensation. Very expensive but it's the best stuff I have ever used. It saves buying multiple products as it's a 4 in 1. Doing a little defoliation tomorrow to open up a few lower bud sites.

I have a question. When people are saying they are X days in to flower, do they mean from 12/12 or from the day you see the flowers develop? I have read contradicting things!
I thought as much! Having a good read about it last night and some people say it's when you start seeing flowers and some people say it's from the flip. Either way, they're done when they're done! Are you new to growing then?
Yeah, ran my first crop outdoor last year and working on my second now. Take a look at my log, should be right below yours on the forum.