Leaf curl and patchy plant.

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Plants are two weeks old, 7 plants from seed, David Banner 3 fem. One plant has shown excessive leaf curling, along the edges curling upwards, plant is otherwise healthy, one or two showing minimal curling.

Grown in coco , 1ltr pots, started with half recommended feed of GA first feed then up to full feed not long ago.

water is very hard, cal/mag not balanced. 15/1

ph around 6.5/6.8

light is Migro Array 4 , 250 watt , around 40 percent at around 4
Leaf curl and patchy plant
Leaf curl and patchy plant 2
Leaf curl and patchy plant 3
Leaf curl and patchy plant 4
Leaf curl and patchy plant 5
Leaf curl and patchy plant 6
Leaf curl and patchy plant 7
Leaf curl and patchy plant 8
0 cm's above plants. Cycle is 19/5

Temps 24/26 humidity around 30 - 50.

Plants may have slowed down, hard to tell , first time grower.

Could this be as simple as over watering? Roots coming out of bottom of pots are white and healthy. Should I start on grow A and B or wait until this issue is resolved?
I am also thinking plants are in a dry environment so will try to up the RH.

Also, pure indica Kush, not as big as the rest but trying, green veins with light green/yellow blotches on every leaf. Roots seem fine.

Plants are in a wardrobe with a fan on them, figured this would be Ok until ready to pot up and get into a tent.

Is this cal/mag? according to m,y water people my cal mag is around 15/1, water is very hard or could this also be a result of dry environment? or both?


The interveinal yellowing and edge curl are both symptoms of too much light. There could be a Mg issue if the coco wasn't buffered sufficiently, and excess light could make that worse.


Yep! Those are signs of light stress. Young plants can't take very much light, so the lights need to be moved up or dimmed. The amount of light also affects how tall the plants grow. Mg can help, too, because it's important for photosynthesis.


Thanks guys, light is up an extra 20cms and I will monitor over the next few days.

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