Leaf loss how much is normal?

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1st time grower here. Its been a bumpy road I decided to go dwc for my 1st time grow inside a 4x4 x x 8ft tall tent. My 1st mistake was germination I way over watered so they sprouted very slow and many didn't sprout. Started sprout seeds mar 20. After overcoming that issue I ran into issues with rot root that took out a few plants and constant ph swings. I switched to ro water and added hydroguard and managed to save 5 plants. Then i had an issue with cal mag deficiency because my ph meter was miscalbriated and my ph was constantly low. Some of the plants were rough for quite some time so I waited longer than typical to go into flower. I now have a fairly overgrown tent that I've been battling with to do ph corrections as its difficult to get to plants to stir water, check ph and and add ph up. One of the plants I've had to bend over tops on as I'm worried its going to touch lights. I'm 5 around 5 weeks into flower.

Lately I've been losing quite a few leafs on the lower branches and in the middle of the plants. I've noticed a gnat problem. I've ordered azamax but won't get here until Thursday. I'm not sure if the amount of leaves im losing is related to this or if its normal. Typically ill lose a few leaves per day on most plants. Most of the time they are dried up but sometimes look otherwise healthy. Sometimes just moving the plants to check ph causes them to fall off (the tent is packed so its really hard to move them gently for checking ph etc). They almost exclusively are from bottom or middle of plant where I suspect isn't getting any light.My plants seem to be flowering drastically different rates. The 2 stardawg plants I have still have very little buds. Chemdog is starting to fill out and had its 1st few hairs turn orange just recently. My girlscout cookies seem to be in the middle of the 2. For clarification i have 2 girlscout cookies (very short and had the most issues barely survived), 1 chem dog mid height losing few leaves and farthest along and 2 stardawgs very tall (both near lights) and are losing the most leaves seem to have smallest buds. The gnats seem to be most focused on back stardawg plant and 1 of the two girlscout cookies. I've seen a few flying in the tent and a few when I've opened the resviour for stardawg plant in back and gsc plant next to it in back. Also I've been dealing with constant ph drops on all plants for past few weeks. I ph up them daily to 6.3 by next evening 24 hrs later they are down to between 5.5 and 5.7 and I ph up again. Using following nutes from general hydroponics. 7ml floagro micro, 10 ml bloom, 5ml cal mag, 2.5 ml hydroguard per gallon. Ppm ends up being between 800-900 when I 1st change res weekly. Water is ro water that still tests at 25 ppm around 8ph originally.

Should I add azamax (won't get here until Thursday and I'll be into week 6). Also do the plants look like they have lost too many leaves? Thoughts/ comments on whether im in bad shape for harvest? Pics attached.
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