Leaf septoria showing up on young plant...HELP!!!

Hey all, first time grower here and I am running into an early issue 1.5 weeks in. First set of leaves is showing signs of septoria (at least i think this is the issue) and was wondering what I should do to correct this? As mentioned, the issue is showing up on the FIRST set of leaves sprouted. Since noticed, I changed out the water and nutes and it seems all the new leaves that have sprouted since are pretty healthy (although they show a faint yellowing).

Should I snip off these first leaves or just let it ride?

I am growing DWC
1.5 weeks in since placing these guys in the net pots
5 gal buckets
1/4 strength nutes
RO water
Using Botanicare Grow, Hydroguard, Silica Blast, and CalMag currently (introducing Bloom soon)
LED light about 18" from canopy
74°-77° water temp
75°-80° room temp
I’m sure this has already been covered but it’s likely not septoria leaf spot since you’re not growing outdoors. That’s more common of an issue outdoors. More likely nutrient related.
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