LED VS CMH/LEC for flowering

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Currently running, 5 3500k cobs (240w) and 1 240w QB (3500k+660) in a 4x4 tent
Thinking about pulling the trigger on a 630w DE CMH. OR, another 240w QB in the 3000k with the 660nm

For those that have grown both ways, what is your take, experience? CMH VS LED
The reason for asking is that I see flowering favoring a lower "k" more around 3100k-3000k.

Also looking at HPS 600w DE or 1000w DE ( I vent fresh air from outside, 4" inline fan that moves a lot of air when its cranked up, so heat management shouldn't be an issue, but I have no idea just how hot the HPS can get running a "cool tube" type reflector)
spent 20 min looking through threads and it seems to be a fan boy this vs fan boy that.
If you've grow both please post pros and cons and what made you choose the that particular system.

Don't forget the Perseid peak tonight! (EDIT Orionid meteor shower) Thank you Bio!
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I found a pretty in-depth grow journal of just this. if you read all the way through, Its not clear if he counted the harmed plants he took out of the LEC side. They look pretty close to each other as far as production, but the LEC produced more terpenes.

link: lec-vs-cob grow journal
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