Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

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Og Gong

Og Gong

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Durban Poison the pride of my heart, this cut is older than I am..... Super greasy, incredibly terpy and has the best high ever... View attachment 526131

Super Keeper Cut from a pack of Ganja Rebel, HB x Durban P gifted by ganja rebel. Immediate headband og terpene followed by that anise spice lemonene durban terp that we all love, and the high is devastating.
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Old School Orange Bud with new school vigor, largest yielder in the stable and thats saying alot, pure orange citrus yuzu lemon spice on these kolas awesome sativa buzz!
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Another Orange Bud
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OMG, Hay bro @peoplewish, I use to run the cali orange back in 02,03 and 04, but lost her, got her from my homies in Garberville and Myers Flat, man how I miss that bitch!! she is one bad ass lady, Everybody loved that smoke including me, man how I wish I had her back!! she is a SOG dream girl, and her smoke is top shelf, I would put her up against any OG any day!!, its been a long time sense ive seen her thank u for the pics much appreciated it was nice seeing her again, use to run the durban poison back in the day to, thanks again for the flash back, stay safe.........GM
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