Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

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Either Amherst diesel or Sapphire Scout
Stoner move when transplanting......transplant went well just realized I had all my labels on the floor were I was working.
There is a possibility of it being OGKZ it definitely smells fruity. Unbelievably fruity


I was hoping for better but over crowded my room and ran into PM I kept it under control but it definitely effect my crop. I should have known better especially at this time of year.....a month age my veggie garden was getting shut down and might have dragged it PM from there. I have to be careful in August and September....rest of the year no problems which makes me think I brought it in myself.


First 2 are peanut butter breath thugpug and the 3rd is a mystery bean from A++ bud from a light leak room of
Coloado chem rbx3 ethos
Inzane in the membrane ethos
elmers glue relentless genetics
Its extreamly fruity, not lemon but of citrus like tangerine, orange with a real light back note of something i cant quite place extreamly greasy frost
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