Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

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what strain is it bro?
That is the unicorn strain I found from that seed if you remember.
It’s so weird, i had three seeds two were original diesel x tangie then the one that come from an original diesel bud that could have been pollinated by cherry picker x bty og males I had in the room.
I swore the two tangie did not germinate. But I can’t be 100%. And here is the trip, the last pheno I had of od x tangie it was a spicy orange terp flavor through taste and smell.
This plant smells of sweet orange no spice with some chem undertones but when you smoke it the flavor comes out similar to lemon g Ohio cut. I’ve never had a strain that taste different then it smells.
I know I sound a bit whacky but that’s the best I can explain it for now.
I’m dry trimming the second batch now and it’s even better then the first. So impressed with this strain I got two whole trays of it two weeks into flower now.
I’ll get some more picks of the new batch soon with some od picks tocompare.
My original diesel is like the white on steroids. Not much flavor at all but the power and the fat calx it brings is unmatched.
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