Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

Jack og

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There coming downView attachment 910585 TONIGHT.View attachment 910585View attachment 910587View attachment 910585View attachment 910585
View attachment 910586View attachment 910588View attachment 910592View attachment 910588View attachment 910594View attachment 910590View attachment 910603
Last pics of these. There 8 weeks(roughly) and I’m taking them based on smell. No lens that’s how I do it. I’ll give better numbers on time of harvest as I chose phenos
Some look like they can go another week or 2, I still see white pistils and they look like they can swell a bit more. If u have the time, I’d suggest you let her ride another week or so! You will be happy with the results
I believe this is another pheno of Subcool's "PlushBerry".
Jack the Ripper leaner? Sub would know.
Sorry I don't have a better, wider shot.
But look at the glaze on this bud.
There was a little bit of morning dew on but still... lol
It was a freak of nature, and no I never took any cuts. But I still have the seeds I made from the 2 PlushBerry parents.
The quality of the taste and aroma is off the charts.
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