Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

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One drop

One drop

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My buds are gettin there slowly.. damn sativas are slow lol .. i expected more by now .. im basically done :/ next strain should be better lol
Damn that’s nice mate well done good luck on the finishing it off stage . Od .


4 days!?.. see i need YOUR help.. because to ME my buds look as done as yours lol..but i got some people telling me i got 3 weeks or even a month lol like wtf most i can see is 2 weeks and even then seems longer than i need


I don’t want couch lock I’m a Milky Way type of a guy . Od
Soo am i LOL thats why i always get perplexed by people who told me like 6 weeks a week ago even lol.. im like... uhhh broooo.. half the pistils are orange and the trichs are clear already.. they could be done next week Lol..
Idk what people smoking must be amber colored nugs lol.. but ill pop a pill if i wanna couchlock lol
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