Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

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Not long now.. Thought it was mint choc og but not sure now. Lol
Frank can I ask u how long I shud flush for. 2 of my lady's are about 80/20%orange pistels. Thc is 80/20%really milky.. Been on flush since Tuesday but my lady's don't drink that much.. Mybe 5L. But stay wet for about 4 7 days.. Think it's due to the temps at the mo. Iv tried my best to keep them around the same but can drop a little. Days temps can drop to around 15c.snd nyt around 23.6...i
Chocolate Thai x Mazar/Guerrero @ Day 55. It has a while to go. This is a lower sider branch.
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Nice bud m8.
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