Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

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Ph going in is supposed to be 6.4 but I don’t really know I was using a 12$ ph meter got a better one now though the soil is fox farm ocean forest and ppms are between 1000 -1200 I’m using purified water cuz I have hard water so I’m adding in calmag 2ml per liter usin the advanced nutrients 2ml per L and one tbsp of molasses just started 2nd week of flower today and noticed a day or two ago my soil ph was high in the 8 range so past two days been using just water and vinegar with low ph to bring it down

Personally, (from recent experience) I would try something other than the acetic acid (vinegar) because it might not be noticeable to the naked eye in small quantities, but please believe me when I say, it's highly toxic and deadly to the plant. Too virtually all living plants, actually.

Acetic Acid is BAD, BAD, BAD!!! and it soaks readily into the plant tissues, and is impossible or nearly impossible, to remove, it's got to be detoxified though a metabolic process, which is taking up vital energy.

Go with phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid (#The Best choice for starters, IMO But use proper precaution), citric acid, ascorbic acid, gibberellins, hormones, auxins, cytokinins, humic/fluvic acid, even small amounts of salicylic acid (if you can get it to dissolve, personally I use glycerin, then into water). Anything, besides vinegar. Something the plant can actually metabolize and use, something of net benefit.

At one point I figured it could possibly be converted into 3-indoleacetic acid, (biologically useful) but no dice, there simply is no mechanism that exist for that conversion. IMO, it's just a poor choice among so many other better ones.
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ALERT******** Firstgrow guy...
Bottom pic, a little above center...nanner. did you notice little yellow banana looking things? Look just north of dead center. Being your 1st grow, others will be able to confirm.

It's also hard to tell w/out really zooming in, but you may have taken her down a couple weeks early. Looks like your trichs are clear. If you take more pics, zoom in like this, but in daylight, or 5000k, or higher
Yeah I saw the ding dongs . She threw a few ; I just clipped em off(bag seed). Maybe she couldve gone a bit longer idk, after 13 weeks I was done even if she wasnt lol. I'm happy with the end result though, way better than dispo weed. I have cuttings of both ladies, buuut I have some thinking to do before I run that setup again. Though for a first attempt I managed over 1g per watt so I think the second can do the same with higher quality buds all around.


Why the hairs going brown at 3 weeks bro ????? They should be white up to week 5 then a slight brown off but not a ready brown off
Then a PK 13.. 14 for a week and they will stay white till week 7 and between 7 and 8 start to brown off 👻🚂just giving my advice bro something to think about ok all cool 😎growers love ❤🤜🤛knuckles
Tasty Buds

Tasty Buds

If you grow them beyond their allotted time say 10-12 weeks. Leave a few branch and bud sites. They will eventually hermie. It’s nature my friend.
I must have missed this.
On my last grow at home, I knew that was it. It was just an experimental seed grow, and I had a moster yield. I didn't want to trim it all, or even take down anything that wasn't large, and dence.
Anyway I had my 1st daughter on the way, I trimmed, dried, and cured, but left the plants growing in the dark. I knew they would eventually die, and shoot nanners.
I came back to my spot several months later...
The plant continued to live appropriately, as the buds got larger, but whispy. I liked the strain, and thought I'd get some S1's when I picked the rest of the buds off.
To my surprise, no nanners, no seeds, ugly bud, but the perfect narcotic high, with an amazing smell, and really purped out.
I guess there were 2-3 oz of vine ripen ugly bud.
I absolutely loved the smoke. I actually still have a 1/2:oz, or so left for special occasions.
So that theory went out the window, although I'm certain that was the exception, not the rule.
From almost every batch I've grown my last 5-6 years, I STILL have mason jars that have been curing as long as 10 years!
Not much in em, and ill still burp em twice a year, or so. I don't think it necessary, but why risk?
Ya just gotta be sure almost all the moisture has been taken out, or ya will come back to moldy bud. Yes I've had that happen as well. Trash! Do not smoke.
Just an interesting story
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