Let's see your outdoor grow 2022

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Hi Everyone
Some PeyotePurplexStrawberryFrost growing on the east side of Canada

PeyotePurplexStrawberryFrost....😎Last year I cut her the 30-09-2021


Hi everyone, usually there's a post for outdoor grows that everyone joins to post pics. I searched but could not find so here it is for 2022. Feel free to post your own outdoor grow for 2022 🌱✌️
This seasons plants are :
1 x White widow fast
3 x GSC fast
2 x purple punch
1 x Charlie's Stank Ass
1x Orange Kush Cake
2 x Dr. CBD
1 x Cream and Cheese CBD
1 x Harlequin
1 x Gorilla Glue Auto
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These are doing alright, but I've seen mealy bugs on them. One for sure, and the other is just starting to get the white spots too. I've sprayed with neem once every 10 days or so. Used an Alcohol water mixture the other night. Don't think they liked it. And I've just bought this:
Safer Brand 5118-6 Insect Killing... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00192AO90?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share
Plan on using it tonight. View attachment 1253030
I love how t blends with the grass cool
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You're doing it just about right.
Mike1980 could maybe benefit from plucking just a few.
Shaganja gets a bit aggressive but it works for him. But I wouldn't go that hard during actual flower. If you're gonna get that extreme with it I recommend having that done and recovered before flower time.
Oh I definitely do every week but these pictures were just before I did my plucking and weeding. it's like a jungle inside these plants every week. Keep taking stuff off and grows in within a week. cheers


I know most will say I’m overloading my area, but growing the same density as last year with a few extra on the side of the house (not shown) yielded over 6lbs Of flower 🌺 so gonna surpass that this year with this heat, so nice to see EVERYONE is starting to flower.

My big ones are Green Crack then Blue Cookies, Vanilla Frosting, IceCream Cake, Blue Mosa, Goobers, Northern Lights, Lemon CherryGelato. There’s some serious variety here this year, 😁
‘And a couple of Autos just because I love diversity, Queens Banner & Runtz

Having some fresh Autos by the end of next month should hold me, till “hopefully“ October for the rest?

Happy Grow Season all !!!
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SoCal / Bubba Kush from Pacific Seed Bank / Organic Soil (Natures Living Soil x FFOF) / Top-dressed with additional living soil and seabird guano / Just started adding Fish Shit to my watering routine.

Its got nugs developing on the lowers, but not so much on the top. What week of flower is this plant in? I never saw a big stretch.

Any advice on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated!

IMG 2958
IMG 2933
IMG 2968
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