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What kind of stress training do you prefer for indoor hydro plant

  • High stress

    Votes: 3 60.0%
  • Low stress

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I try to do all sorts of both I FIM or Top my plants week 2 and start to tie down branches as soon as I can or put clips in it then sometimes but not always I’ll either Top or FIM the lower branches or the new growth at top again a week before I flip to flower. Veg 4 to 6 weeks I use a homemade super soil that im always trying different combos in it. In Flower I use Jack's Blossom Booster, Grandma's molasses and Homemade Grape, Blueberry and Cranberry Molasses (it’s close to what’s in bud candy)


Hello there! Nice to meet you, if you have any questions please ask, also if the questions is about a specific plant please also share a photo of it. Welcome!
Hi there Rhasta its c-4
IMG 2099

I recently developed these and i am keeping the ph @5.8 the room is cool avg 68-70’ and im bloom, micro & grow cal-mag
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