Looking for the magic number on this moisture meter. Anyone have this or used it?

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The tool doesn’t do all the work, but if you study the tool with human intervention to manipulate the offset, then the tool will work to the users intended purpose.


Yeah there's only a couple people in this forum whos advice I will take
Great thing about this website is you get many opinions from different people. We all do this our own way, it’s up to you to make the decision.


your right you did it went from overwatering to light stress to underwatering to hey put 12 cups of water on your overwatered plants
and he should upgrade so he can get on here and have people tell him he upgraded to a piece of shit meter or whatever and that he need to spend 200 dolla on a ph tester and 400 on soil tester
Over watering meaning too frequently before dry back and underwatering by not wetting all of your medium each watering. Watering practices are important and regarding the light stress, young or unhealthy plants need way less light intensity than you think. You're overworking them while they are vulnerable. You obviously have issues with reading comprehension, that is not my fault.
3 liters of water for a 3 gallon pot is too much? Continue with your cup of water every day and watch this plant die like your others.
Good luck.

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