LSD-25 autoflower, new grower, also trying to make feminized seeds

INTRO: So this is my fourth overall grow (first 2 were like 9-10 years ago, and number 3 is 5 weeks into flowering) this is my first auto strain and I am also going to try to herm a plant using colloidal silver and then use that to make a BUNCH of feminized seeds. So I will be starting one plant to turn into a male and make pollen with while I start the other 4 1-2 months behind.

SEEDS, SOIL, GROW AREAS: this grow will be LSD-25 autoFlowering seeds. My soil mix is 60% fox farms organic ocean forest, 20% vermiculite and 20% coco coir. I also put a Dixie cup hole in the center and filled it with only coco so that the seedling wouldn’t hit the hot soil right away (advice given on this here great community when I posted a thread about 80% of my seedlings from grow #3 failing). I’m starting my one mail seed in a paper towel today and I mixed my soil and packed the pot today. I’m using a 1 gallon fiber pot. I chose one gallons pots because my flowering area is smaller and I’m going for a sea of green effect (I know from seed it’s not true sea or green) my flowering area is about 2.75’x3.5’ It’s a modified tool shed that I made to help conceal it in my garage for now.
I start my plants indoors and will move them outside when they start to flower and smell.
Pics and more to come when I plant the first seed in a couple days.
Just planted my first seed today. It already popped and had about a 1/8-1/4 inch root out of it, took just under 2 days from when I put it in the napkin. I planted it 1/4 inch deep into my center of coco coir and then misted the area with a spray bottle after I covered it.