Mahavishnu’s Growchestra (Critical Plus, Widow, SSH, CBD)

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Trimmed the last of the critical plus 2.0 last night. Final weight will be revealed this evening when I get home. That plant in particular dried out way faster than the others for some reason and was hovering around 57% in the jar last night, to my great frustration. I saturated some stems in water while I trimmed and threw those in the jar overnight. Guessing I’m going to end up just below 4oz from that plant.

I trimmed three lower branches from the SSH but she was still a little too damp. Hopefully finishing her off tonight and closing the book on this grow.


A week and a half after promised! Nothing mind blowing from this first grow but I’m happy and smoking off of my own product anyways!

Final yield for the critical plus 2.0 was 90g, final yield for the super silver haze was 60g. I wish it were enough that I’m not wondering if it will last me til next harvest LOL. I won’t be able to decline giving some to friends to try, otherwise it wouldn’t be a question. Everything dried smoothly in around 8 days at 55-60 °/% and is sitting in the low 60s jarred.

The super silver haze has become my go-to daytime smoke. It’s the dankest, smelliest bud I’ve ever had, nasty sour lemon smells backed up by weirdly savory, fake-buttered-popcorn smell. It’s very rich and it makes my space smell like food for a half hour every time I pop open the jar. The taste is strong and sour too, and the bud burns quickly down to nothing. And every time, within minutes, I’m searching for something to do, chores, music, cats, TV, anything to keep me busy. Great for any of those activities, especially getting a lot done at home. If I sit down it’ll eventually make me sleepy an hour or two later, but otherwise doesn’t put me down at all.

The critical, on the other hand, is bedtime weed. She’s maintained the heavy sour smell through the dry and there’s not much to her smoke that I didn’t mention before. What I have determined, though, is that she’s for food and sleep. Seriously, I smoke it, I start getting relaxed, I get crazy hungry, I eat a ton of food, and then I sleep for hours. It’s awesome and it smacks you in the face with the heavy stone but it sure isn’t great for hanging with friends or getting anything done. I’ve smoked it and gone to watch TV with my roommates, and passed out before we got through an episode. I think I’ll recommend her to my dad as far as medicinal uses, but he has samples of both plants right now.

I still haven’t sampled the widow and CBD enough to have opinions on those. I’ll share when I do.
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