hey guys and girls. at 15 to 20 dollars a bag, for soil, indoor growing is becoming very expensive. what mediums do you use indoor? how much does it cost? i love the terps from composted (living) soil, is there a better medium to use that still can provide dank smells and flavors? i also use humbolts countys own nutes, if that makes any difference.
This is one major factor to why I go Hydro or soiless... Hydroton, rockwool and coco coir are all relatively inexpensive... Hydroton can also be reused if you know about CIP processes.


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Bag and a half of Royal Gold Tupur coco will fill a 4 x 8 table in flower for me. Bout 20-25 bucks in medium for 17 plants per run plus the fabrics.
Promix is probably the most affordable and easiest to use media out there. Been using it for a long time with great results. Like Jimster mentioned, just dont overfeed it. 95% of the strains I've grown perform extremely well in it, but nutrient sensitive strains can be tricky to dial in with promix. True Indian kush varities specifically.