can i use molla on my b.b.c clones right from the off??
light mix soil...is it necessary for added nutes?any info wd be apprevciated.


1 TBSP worm castings,1 TBSP liquid kelp,1 TSP blackstrap molasses,1TBSP Liquid Karma
should be all you need to get them started,feed when they look hungry.You can use molasses at any stage of grow/flower.

I prefer mixing the above ingredients & making an aerated compost tea


From using mol this last grow the results have been amazing. The aerated tea is the way to go.


I use molasses right through my grows.
I like to mix it with the the " Shitz "
Awesome stuff indeed.


I cant live without it.

Hello everybody. Just dropped in on the site, I might hang around a bit. Some of you might know me from elsewhere, most may not.

I look forward to helping folks along and maybe learning a thing or two in the process.

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For sure the 3lb article is great. I love molasses too, works so well for ALL stages of growth. I always use it from seedling through final flush.

and if i may add:

BlackStrap has calcium (20%),
Mg (25%)
iron (15%)
240mg K (7%)

K (Potassium) - is used at all stages of growth. Soils with a high level of K increase a plants resistance to bacteria and mold. Helps combine sugars, starches, and carbohydrates, which is essential to production and movement as well as cell division. It increases te chlorophyll in the foliage and helps to regulate the stomata openings so plants make better use of the light and air. It is essential in the accumilation and translocation of carbohydrates. It is necessary to make the proteins that augment the oil content and improve the flavor in Cannabis plants.

Magnesium (Mg) Mg is found as a central atom in every chlorophyll molecule, and is essential to the absorption of light energy. It aids in the utilization of nutrients. Mg helps enzymes make carbohydrates and sugars that are later transformed into flowers. It also neutralizes the soil acids and toxic compounds produced by the plant.

Calcuim (Ca) - Ca is fundamental to cell manufacturing and growth. Ca is necessary to preserve membrame permeability and cell integrity, which ensures proper flow of Nitrogen and sugars. It stimulates enzymes that help build strong cells and root walls. Cannabis must have calcuim at the tip of each root.

Iron (Fe) - It is essential to the enzyme systems and to transport electrons through photosynthesis, respiration, and chlorophyll production. Fe permits plants to use the energy provided by sugar. A catalyst for chlorophyll production, Fe is necessary for nitrate and sulfate reuction and assimilation. Fe colors the Earth from brown to red, according to concentration. Plants have a diffucult time absorbing Fe. Acidic soils (under 7 pH) normally contain enough Fe for Cannabis growth.


ok...so I see that this thread has been going for awhile so I hoep my question doesn't get over looked. I didn't want to start a new thread sinch there was already one pertaining to Molasses. But here is my question anyway:

I feed fox farm 3 part for my grow and I also use the soluables acording to the feeding schedule available here:


I have heard all the benifits of using the Molasses but I'm not exactly sure how to feed it. Should I use it just during flowering? Or is there benifit to using it during the veg. Period? And if so, at what rate? I'm hearing everything from 1 tsp per gallon to 1 tbs per gallon but just don't hear much talk about benifit during veg. All replies would be much appreciated as I've got my little babies about 2 weeks into veg. and Am always into learning something new. I have my brand new jar of House of Herbs Blackstrap and just trying to decide exactly what to feed of it...Thanks folks!!!


1 TSP per gallon at all phases of growing,including veg.It feeds the beneficial bacteria in your soil mix & keeps the plants happy.


Excellent post Guano,:hi: well worth bookmarking, thanks to all who added to this too :clapping Arti


Hi guys....need some help with molasses - I finally remembered to get some at the supermarket. Got two types, a syrupy version and a crystalline/sugary version.

Any UK farmers using these products? If so, how much should I be using?? I want to use it with either tapwater or rainwater to make a flushing solution.

Cheers in advance...


Here's a silly question. Can I use honey instead? I ask this because I have a pretty much never ending supply of local honey.


well, all I know is that with molasses, it needs to be blackstrap to have the best results. Blackstrap is all the left over jsuk that no one else really wants..but it's where all the concentration of stuff our plants like is left. So I would say no on the refined molasses sugar and I really don't know what that can thingy is..I've never seen it before

Jalisco Kid

Zoo you got to watch what you write here. Show those pics and leading on that it might be from the molasses, You could cause a run on stores.They might have to shut their doors like the banks did.
I just bought some Last week from a feed lot, it has gone up to $24 from 18/5 gal. Mine is low in ph somewhere around 4.6pH.JK


Zoo, you've got a whole thread dedicated to your grows....I'm trying to get an answer to my molasses question....get your pr0n outta here and keep it on topic!

Anyone know how much Lyle's Black Treacle to use, or Billington's Molasses? Pretty please...I need to know quickstyle for flushing....
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