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Been there done that. Seriously!
First got high (weed) in 1968 while on an all expenses paid vacation in Vietnam.
Been smokin', growin and tradin' beans ever since... : /

See 'ya around!
Thanx for your service man. I was army green in the early 80's with Carter and Ronnie Raygun.


Was born in 68......most of my fam was military but I chose another path....
so Aloha and if your after some vintage, that my thang as well...
No BlueDream, Cookies, TK, GMO or Mac where I come from....and power to it
My MAN! We BOTH got Vintage, 'eh? Remember Oaxacan?


My MAN! We BOTH got Vintage, 'eh? Remember Oaxacan?
Yes Sir.....In a way....If were talking I happen to have had proper Colombian Gold thru a source in Omaha Neb, in early to mid 80s....50 for a 1/2z.....and I still try and tell folks how unique it is...
Some day I'll try running them again but atm Im just messing with a very few distinct cultivars...
But to find a proper Gold pheno or even grow a true Gold is not easy by far....And to be strait about it to, IMO most of the best Hybrid work was in the 80s and 90s...then totally fucked up from 2k on...heh...
Anyway, were always looking for old vintage lines which I mainly focus on the 80s n 90s types like proper Arch Indica Hindu or Mazar types far as LandRace...but Im always looking for Oaxacan or Lumbo Gold, or Lumbo Black or Chocolate....
Also the vintage hybrids like just original versions of BBerry, BGum, GF, Apollo lines, Hawaiians, etc....
Sadly I lost a 25+yr seed collection in 2014 to a raid and now rebuilding a solid vintage genetic pool to work from again...
Gives me hope tho to see you mention a Oaxacan!....If you had some HOG Id be all about it!...heheh.....see ya on the boards and power to ya

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