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Hey people!
Okay so first I want to apologize to anyone who’s seen me post the billion threads for help over the last couple of weeks.
Unfortunately I don’t have many friends whom I can turn to for help or concerns.
you guys have been so generous and helpful throughout my journey so far!
With that being said I’m starting this thread to keep progress reports for myself and to see what you guys think.
I will be posting all the details I can think of and if there’s anything you’d like to know or to tell me to be doing, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

germination day, seeds have popped and have Ben placed in solo cups with ziplocks to keep humidity high.
Temps: 77°F
Medium: Promix BX + 20% perlite


Day 1: 100% Sprout

Day 5:
They are growing so fast!
Watered for first time since sprouting
Light schedule is 18/6
Temp: 77°F
RH 67%



Day 7:
Honestly didn’t expect to see growth come this quick, I’m sure it’s just me seeing such changes lol.
Nothing changes with living conditions.



Day 9:
May have transplanted way too soon but I got excited :(
I know this could be a big mistake, and I know this will be the first of my many mistakes as a first time grower.
First low nutes were given until runoff the day before
GeneralHydroponics FloraTrio
1ML micro
1ML grow
1ML bloom
4ML CalMag
PH 6.4
Ppm 540


Day 11:
Growth showing, slight yellowing on a couple of them could be from not enough nutes or overwatering in the past.
got a scale so I can check planters weight for watering now on.
Other than that they seem to have taken transplant very well and the water seems to be drying out fairly quickly.

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