Need a little help identifying how ripe my trichomes are (pictures attached) and when to harvest my Girls

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As the thread title states I need a little help identifying my girls trichome ripeness. Not that I don't really know - I have studied these plants for 20 years - but I love to get input. Feedback and reiteration is the objective for this thread. We can all learn from each other. I value your opinions and this is my first thread here and I love how we can brainstorm together. It's also only my third time growing Cannabis and a second time growing these genetics.

The last time was 11 years ago and my Somango / Northern Lights Hybrid turned Hermaphrodite due to a plethora of mistakes. I let it naturally run its course and kept the seeds I had a good large freezer bag full of some great pungent Cannabis with tons of seeds but in the end these turned out to be great feminized seeds. I popped 5 seeds 4 were girls. At the time I didn't know that I created feminized seeds through self pollination.

My main objective is to push for two more weeks as more white pistols are pushing out and hence the calyx's are still growing and forming, resin (trichome) production is sill high, terpene profile is increasing and refining from citrus sweet Limonene / floral Linalool to more pungent diesel like Mycrene /slightly pine Alpha-Pinene scented profile. The leaves are showing colors (turning yellow) most of the flower formation is done. The flowers density is still increasing and the pistols from he calyx are evenly 50/50 orange brown and white, trichomes caps are translucent to cloudy white ( as you'll see in the pictures) I have hard times finding any amber trichomes.

Background Info :
grow Medium : Fox Farm Ocean Forrest amended with Pro Mix Sphagnum Peat Moss and Perlite
Top Soil amended with Gaia Green Super Bloom (2-8-4) / Gro4 Organic Worm Castings and Welcome Harvest Kelp Meal
Fed with filtered and dechlorinated water (no reverse osmosis) which I pH'd to 6.8 only during the flower from the start until week 10 so actually until one week ago.
Now I water with filtered and dechlorinated water which pH is at 7.4 to 7.8 depending on how long I let it stand to dechlorinate. 7.4 when I dechlorinate for 24 hours and 7.8 when I dechlorinate for 48 hours. I tend to use the 7.4 most of the time.

My main feeding schedule during the flower were two compost teas (worm castings - kelp meal (1-1-2) - bat guano bloom (2-26-5) and unsulfured organic molasses as an igniter (starter for the microbes) and regular scheduled bottled nutrients feedings such as
Big Bud Bloom Buddy Organic (1-2-5), Botanicare CaMg (2-0-0) and Terpinator (0-0-4)

Strain : Somango / Northern Lights Hybrid (Stable)
Plant vegetated for 35 Days (3rd Generation Clones and their Mother plant is 18 months of age at the time of cutting the clones).
Day Of Flower : 77
Expected Day Of Harvest : 91
Super HPS Lights - 1250 Watts - turned down to 500 watts in the current stage
Temperature and Relative Humidity : 72F or 22C - 50 - 55% (Daytime Lights One) 70F or 21C- 55 - 60% (Nighttime Lights Off)
I grow in an open room (not tent) it's a rough set up but I can control temperatures, relative humidity and light intensity.
(Note : During the vegetative state the plant received no feeding and no amendments and at the point of transition to flower at day 35 the plants showed a typical Calcium and Magnesium deficiency which stopped at 14 days later after amending and feeding CaMg however the already leeched leaves remained leeched (obviously :cool: )

Now my main question and the reason I write this is I'm a tat worried. I see more trichomes daily in this what supposed to be the end stage I smell the plant more especially when the lights are off. The flowers are getting denser and more pungent. They were quiet sticky to touch but since yesterday a tiny bit of that stickiness subsides. Funny enough the buds I never touched are still slightly more sticky. My wife mentioned the same the stickiness subsided slightly. The plant is flushed as we speak with filtered and dechlorinated water not ph'd at 7.4pH.

Was it just me touching the flower too often (roughly twice a week in the last 3 weeks) or do you think I should decrease my objective and harvest in one week as opposed to two weeks? From everything you read here how would you run the course of these girls until the day you harvest?
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