Needing some help. First time ever growing anything. Lol

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I have a west coast OG auto that I planted on 1/24, I have her in a 5 gallon bucket with fox farms happy frog soil with some added perlite in it. I’ve been giving her nothing but tap/distilled water with a little bit of cal/mag since I’m using LED’s and distilled water. I’ve just noticed some leaf problems arising about a week ago but the ph is within normal range. I keep her on a 18/6 light schedule. She’s starting to flower so I wanna try to fix the problem before she kicks into full flower mode. There are some brown dead spots on some big fan leaves then some of the leaves tips are starting to curl in or point down. Thanks guys!


Are there holes in the bucket?
How much water how often?
How much cal mag and how often?
Do you have a PH and PPM tester? if so Go ahead and do a run off test ph and ppm the in and out
How long has this problem persisted?
Starting on the top or middle or bottom?
Is there any bug activity in the room or in the soil?
Do you have outher plants, are growing the same way, do they have problems?

Your plant is heavily flowering, looking like prolly getting close to being done stretching and will flower no matter what at this point. You should flip to twelve now to help prevent any re veg issues....
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