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Hey folks, new grower here and I’m sure I will have lots of questions from time to time.
I had less than stellar results last summer with an outdoor grow. Starting with the pack of seeds I bought only one of the 5 managed to germinate, and the resulting plant stayed small only got about 2 feet tall (was a photo AK47) ,
Anyway putting that behind me as a learning experience went and bought a tent lights etc. And some seeds presently have 3 auto sour diesel going into week 3 since germination in my 4x2 tent, and 5 gal. Cloth pots , so far so good I think so anyway lol.
Anyway don’t want to get too long winded here!
I’ve been reading lots on here for a week or so and enjoy the information I’ve been finding out


Welcome brother! My first grow was a bust too. Plants grew well, but had a hermie that seeded my two other plants, not bad, but bad enough to where it wasn’t a success. There is a ton of really good info here. I’ve never searched more on a site lol. Girls look happy!!

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