Got my new Rdwc system in and had one leak where the 1 1/2" pvc pipe was going into a bulkhead on the side of the rez got it fixed now. For my rez I'm using a 20 gallon ice chest and 4, 4 gallon square buckets. Here are some pictures of my system the rez behind the tent I don't know if you can see it but between the rez and the tent is my inline pump 250 gph and the air pump for my buckets and the black pvc you see I the photo is what feeds my buckets they go into the front vents 20190415_165605.jpg20190415_165622.jpg20190415_165634.jpg and one picture is of the return line at the back of the tent so there it is if it helps anyone with there system great. Ask questions or pick it apart if you want to. Sorry for the light have a couple of seedlings of Train wreck autoflower that are right at 5 days since germination and are to fragile to use my 315 watt CMH light I'm using a Wal-Mart special T5 growlight for now planing to turn on the CMH in a few days going to leave the humidity dome in place for a day or 2 under the CMH light I'll just have to see I killed a seedling on my last grow by just putting it under light even though the light was 3' above the seedling.

Jack og

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Neat little setup bro. Learning curve but you maybe onto something everyone can afford with a little effort!
Cheers on the ingenious setup