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Watering slowly seems to be quite important. I noticed drooping leaves occurs less when I water over many hours.

There are several ways I tell if I'll need to water soon. The tent humidity is highest after watering and lowest just before watering. The leaves show signs of needing water, too. I use a moisture probe to help know when to water, but not when to stop adding water. I test the soil in a few places every day. I'm interested in seeing the amount of moisture at several levels of soil, so I measure the moisture at 2 inches, half-way and the length of the probe.

I've noticed that moisture levels seem to be highest near the concentrations of roots. I suspect it's due to capillary action moving moisture toward the roots as the roots transfer it up to the leaves.

I found it if you can get them to 4 feet with a decent amount of roots they can handle pretty much anything you throw at them in the way of watering as long as you let them dry back every once in a while! Really crucial while they are smaller!
Growing healthy plants is all about healthy roots.


I've also requested prices from an injection moulder as well. If it's viable I will start selling them to my local grow shops. I can't be the only one out there frustrated by the lack of genuine options for actual even coverage when running a low pressure system. Hydro halos are good but to get good coverage across four large pots I need to crank the flow which creates holes and exposes roots, and still only waters one ring around the pot.
gravity is truly the best way. now to add nutes - total animation
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