Nitrogen Deficiency or lock out.

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I will definitely take a look tomorrow morning and let you know!

And yeah I probably don’t need half of that, what would you suggest to feed? The only thing I’ve noticed is the roots organics line is super weak compared to most other nutrients.

Like I said I really don’t know much at all about growing. This is my first go and I’ve probably over studied everything and that’s probably half my issues 😂

This is my second go around indoors. So im still learning the indoor thing myself. Its really about finding balance with food water air and microbes. Keeping the microbiome alive and well. Keep from over feeding and underfeeding is ok but not for too long. The latter being the easiest to fix in soil. Coco and hydro you can fix things on the fly for the most part its more forgiving and takes a lil more skill im sure
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