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I just crossed that same NL x BB with a WW male i had for a while. Popped a hand full last week and they are to the top of the humidity dome (4") now.. I think i will start a new thread with these start to finish, they will be going outdoors this spring.


dam you are so right MOTA!(saber tooth)that strain made me the fan of your breeding/genetics i am today even tough i no longer have any of your strains(im working on that though). before i got busted i had turbo diesel,killa queen,purp butters x herijauna,and gordy's spice ..but i had ran saber tooth 2-3 times before they came a nockin...cpt.k

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Hey ya cpt.kush -the Sweet tooth x NL#5 was called sabretooth, Gordy's spice is pacific G-13 x NL#5.

I've got some Dr. Atomic's NL coming so we'll see how well she performs and maybe slide it into the rotation.

Hey Mota i hope you have better luck with the Dr's Atomic NL than i did! I had 1male and 1female and both hermied HARD! The female turned full blown male like 1 week after flowers had shown and the male i had through out pistils after male sacs and already been shown!

I just had a bad freaky experience with them so they wont ever play in my garden again but i have heard alot of good about his Haze, BBxNL and Shiva! The NL gets alot of hermie reports and i can vouch for that. If you'd like i can find that thread over at IC where alot of folks talked about the hermies they got from the NL. I'm sure some dank will be found if you can get one to finish.


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cpt.kush, i think that one was made by/beeder... the Rev @ skunk mag!! hope that helps you brothers out !! monkey5


I had awful luck with doc atomics nl also i think thai seeds were mixed up or something I know the doc have not seen him in a few years though , his bbxnl was very nice so I bought the nl total junk man would never have it in my garden again worst seeds i ever grew out worse than power plant by dutch passion .

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make seed dust of them, save the postage brutha! I'll feed the rest of them to the birds. LOL... Sorry for the Z list buddy... I didnt know. I never ran them... thanks for the input guys. K+


No way man,you gotta grow em out! As far as i'm concerned you just got em mixed up with the others and they're really missing their siblings! LOL!

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oh boy, dem tings are going to be at the end of the list then. I'll get some sensi NL and pop em before those get worked. lol... No mix up bruda, just bad purchase. man, i'll never hear the end of this one. lmfao...


ive had good results with Seedsmans Northern Lights, flowered dozen females from seed kept one that was unusually orangey.
grew NLxBB from PeakSeeds buncha years back when that was the only strain they sold i think they call it Northernberry now id grow it again


What do you guys think of Crystal Rain? (White Widow x Northern Lights)

I tried to use my google-fu to try to find grows of it online but my fu is weak tonight. There is a thread on rollitup but he only has them as seedlings, the thread is years old so I don't think there will be an update.
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