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Buddy Hemphill

Yo bro...

How strong is Blackwater? I am popping 5 Blue Sattelite 2.2's because a patient of mine is all about some purple tasting med. Its Sweet Tooth 3 x DJ S BB male. I am sure it rocks.

I am new to this board and the drama.

From what I have read you have tried to weather the shit storm of some tuff mistakes with far as I have seen. I would like to try run this strain. And I wouldn"t consider it with the problems CC has had were it not for the way you have handled it.

How can I get a hold of a cut or a seed? PM me if necessary please. I am about to start the show up again and would like to get a few poppin...

Maybe this is the wrong way to ask? Like I said, I am new.


Hey BuddyHemphill, i believe Spice of Life's joint project with DJ Short - Blue Satellite 2.2 are F2's of Blue Satellite #2 which is a Blueberry Sativa female (a different strain to Blueberry, prob related but i can't remember the details) x Sweet Tooth #3 male (Sweet Pink Grapefruit x Blueberry bx 3 times to SPG)
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