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I've come to nearly the end of this round of my window indo which is looking SUPER DANK!!! I've had quite an experience and I would say it was not terrible. I've tried many times to grow a little bush outside and have them finish properly, easier said than done with little to no outside space. I had some of my neighbors plucking at some male plants I had outside. One mysteriously disappeared. Poor idiot who smoked those males is probably thinking I'm the ignorant one for leaving them accessible but hey, Fuck it. What remained inside has really got me hooked on growing my own stone. I've spent some real dough acquiring many quality seed strains and have yet to even get into most of those and I still have many seeds that I found in various bags over the years. Easy to say I'm not even close to finished growing out some quality herb. My hope is to help others grow by using the easy ass method I've used. It's really easy if you make it. With some proper planning and a little know how bomb weed can be grown out to what would be considered as close to pro as free gets. I've bought herb in worse shape than what I'm looking at, maybe you can tell me what you think:

The Alien Dawg x Banana Kush is a nice looking little plant but didn't do too well, it grew really small but the buds are skunky as hell


Black Domina is looking REDONK, the shit is glowing white green with a healthy layer of trichomes



The Cartel weed is also looking and smelling nice, I wanna say it bubblegum related but I guess I'll wait to smoke her and report from there



The LSD is the dankest plant I have, I cut her at 9weeks on the dot and she was ready. She smells heavily of earthy coffee and purple stink, is this a hybrid or what?!?!?


My drying method (LSD)

I'm working on her head and she works on my stomach
Mrs.OD's Turkey Meat Loaf:


The OG Kush is looking so nice, the leaves are dying off and the buds are turing purple but she smells so kushy and sweet



The Arizona is holding out on me looks like she needs another 3 weeks

Top view left

Top view right




Going to be a gang of harvest pics of dang buds. Nice grow I like how the plants used the nutes in the leaves untill dead. The OG kush is my fav the the LSD, the cartel looks like it is going to produce a bunch.
I think you may be better off just chopping the little branches on the real low end and let the plant grow the main cola on the arizona next time. I think its just not worth the plants effort vs the tiny buds.
Good farmin captin.


Hey BD, thanks for checking in. Yea I agree bud, that main stem on the Zona is looking good the rest is kinda not too nuggy. I LST'd all the plants and that one didn't really take to it. I liked the way it grew out but also really long wait time on the harvest. Won't be doing that one again for a while. I also agree the LSD and OG look bomb. The Cartel was a big surprise to me because I wasn't expecting a bush like that with all those little nuggets. It smells insane too, like a bubblegum plant crossed with something but I can't put my finger on it. I already have some harvest pics check em out:

Here's me chopping wood, I cut the branches off the main stem and usually would place them into a paper bag. It is super dry here in SoCa so no need to dry much more in a bag.

After all the branches are cut I take the remaining leaves off with some clipping scissors

All the nugs were trimmed and removed from the stems, mostly, then jarred. I'll usually leave the jar closed for a day to even out the moisture then cover the jar with a coffee filter and rubber band for another day after. Every day after that I burp the jar for like 2 weeks.

Here's a nug of the LSD in the top of the Jar full after trimming, ready to cure some more.

This is LSD from my last window run which I ended mid-August 2011

My mason jars with a bunch of weed in them already. I'm gonna need more jars when I cut the next round which will be the Cartel A and Black Domina

I'm always thinking ahead, in this case 8 new seedlings ahead. I have 2 Parvati Valley Indian Landrace in the two white soda cups to the side. The rest are (not in order) PurpleBerry BX (CannaVenture), Maple Leaf (cannabisseeds.com), POW(Motarebel), Ronnie James Dio (Motarebel), EC Sour Goo (Cabin Fever), Blue Diesel(Sannie's seeds)

Stay Tuned...




Yeah its just shines there bling! Going to be nice with all the differnt nugs in a line up and see if we can spot the correct ones.


Thanks for the kind words. I'm working on getting some photos of the new batch I have going as well the pics of the rest of my dried nugs with weight totals. I've jarred all of them except the Zona which I haven't cut yet. I'll try to post later, Thanks again BD and Jakew.

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