ojd's 3 x 10 pot wilma sytem

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at last some more updates lol
im useless at diarys
always skipp chunks when my life gets hectic
anyway week 8 and in the flush apart from the amnesia tray

pic 1 chcolope
pic 2 purple bastard
pic 3 casey jones
pic 4 casey jones
pic 5 sssdh
pic 6 sssdh
pic 7 group shot
pic 8 chocolope
pic 9 casey jones
pic 10 amnesia haze
looing good there bro!! pitty you can't spare a bit of the sssdh pollen....that would of been nice.i would use it for a SSSDH project...
Nhow....i hope you'll use the regular ojd cut for that breeding she's quite stable...aah that is if you don't find a better one ^^

ohw and i too have some casey lady's in early flower...got 8 left...should be fun ...they are tight and hard growing bitches ...Gro on mate !!

here's a few casey's in veg
the six infront are casey's ..but jst in 2 l pots..got 2 plants in 7l pots...like to see the diffrence :)

Dr Herbal

really rockin that wilma mate them plants look great nice n healthy :)
ran a 16 pot wilma for a few grows one with celmax(1cm2 cubes) that was great massive yield one nl grew into the light ened up having to chop the top bud off lol then used coco(was cheep shite) with vbad results n got pissed of so made it into a pond for my parents garden lol anyay enough bs great show n enjoy them tasty lookin buds :)


hi core
how you doing man

yeah as i said before im doing a sssdh project myself and will send you the seeds
im holding on to a few males so i have something diferent from the rest of the crowd

your more than welcome to any new sssdh fem phenotypes i find that are good(they will be geting spread around)

ive done a few crosses with my sssdh cut
g13haze being the latest

check out these pics of them 3-4 weeks flowering
not much to see yet but the smells are really good so far(uploading pics now)

you grow some seriously good looking shit.... respect

i tried the wilma with clay pebbles using a 15 minute feed 3 times a day, like a top feed flood. IT grow really well with the oxygenated roots. Are u using just coco,.? im sure it tastes better with coco... I think the wilma has its main benefit for recirculating systems .

I normally just put a pump on a time witha bit of hose and plug in drippers, that way i can keep the res in cooler place that will ensure it doesnt get too warm.


fucking awesome collection btw

london grower


Looking real real nice mate :sign0005:

stay safe .

Watering Cycle.

Hi Ojd,

Great pictures the room looks awesome. I have the 4 pot wilma system and was wondering if you could answer a question for me?

I'm pretty new to growing and am unsure of how often to water. My system is pretty much the same as yours but i have the 4 pot and i'm using coco soil. Could you tell me how often / long i should be watering my babies each day and does the watering regime change during the various stages of growth i.e how often when they are cuttings / veging / flowering etc.

I know it's a lengthy question but your help would be appreciated.

Swede :smiley_joint:


i use about half strength nutrient in the wilma's starting at 1/3 rd strenghth for a week or 2
then half strength or a bit more if ti tells me it needs it
i dont change the res i just refill it evry 3-4 days and flush it for 3 weeks without drippers at end

for the first few weeks once a day
but when they take of i feed them 3 times a day for 15 mins
then flush hard for 3 weeks at the end

i grow in plain coco